We’ve helped countless clients in the Hamilton area reach their fitness and nutritional goals. See before and after body transformations made possible by our fitness programs, and real testimonials from No Excuse Fitness & Personal Training clients.

Rosemary Hale
Crystal Earle
Jenna McNamara

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Joshua Lombardo Bottema
Owner of Spring Masters Niagara, Canada’s Largest Aeration Company

Christal Earle
Co-Founder and Chief Spokesperson for Absolute.org

Dave Jarvis
Owner of DMA Networks

Gilles Fontaine
Chief Executive Officer, Banyan Community Services

Jeff Feswick
Owner of Historia Restoration

  • I have been working out at No Excuse Fitness since May 2009 and I love it! I have tried all the flashy "name brand" clubs and found them to be impersonal and crowded. I have found the small group training sessions and the personal care that Ryan Rannelli gives to the gym make it feel like we are a family. Ryan keeps his groups smaller to make them feel more personal and to keep an eye on you to make sure that you're working hard. I have seen the results I want and No Excuse has helped me get there. So if you really want to make a difference in your physical appearance, meet great friends, and work up a sweat then join this program!

    Nettie Brown, Hero Holiday Administrator, Absolute Leadership Development Inc.

  • I worked with Ryan for 3 months. It was the best money I ever spent. I had been bored with exercise for years and had no interest in weight loss goals that most diet and fitness programs offered. Ryan was able to customize a program that met my needs and took into account my low bordedom threshold and helped me reach fitness goals that I wanted. Thanks to Ryan I was able to carry a canoe on my bakc and do a six hour hike on a camping trip this past summer. I never felt better. Thanks Ryan!

    Althea Monteiro, Psychologist

  • Many things have changed since I started training with Ryan. I have found that I am not getting stressed anymore, I feel much healthier and my body is getting in better shape. Not only do I feel great everyday, I also made some great friends in exercise class with Ryan, and now I have the ability to study harder in class.

    Alex Kim, Hamilton Student

  • I knew having a vision of being physically healthy and fit was the first important step. Having met with Ryan on a regular basis since the end of April 2008, however it has been the most effective and supportive way to move towards the vision. He helps me focus on the correct form, breathing, and most importantly to stay motivated. Thanks Ryan!

    Hyeran Choi, Education Statistician

  • I had a great time training with Ryan. He was always friendly, very motivating and pushed me to do my best. I never could have done that on my own! By the end of my sessions, I not only noticed a difference in my body, but also in my energy level and fitness. Ryan mixed things up for me, with both cardio and weights, and the boxing sessions made exercising much more fun. Training with No Excuse was money well spent!

    Maria Diamandis, PH.D Graduate Student

  • Before coming to the gym, I hardly ate any vegetables, fruits, or even protein. Essentially, I was just drinking lots of coffee, and eating a lot of cheese, bread, and chips. I just didn't know what to eat as a vegetarian. The No Excuse Meal Plan helped me to see the many different kinds of food I could incorporate into my meals and how easy and tasty it is to become healthier.

    I was afraid to join a gym thinking that people would judge me. I wanted to find a place to work out where I could be comfortable and not be intimidated by other members. At No Excuse, it is very comfortable, and all the staff and members are very encouraging. I quickly became part of the No Excuse Fitness and Training family.

    I came into No Excuse looking to tone up a bit, increase the strength in my back muscles and to increase my endurance. I had been suffering from chronic back pain for 2 years. I couldn't fall asleep because my back hurt so much. I tried going to a chiropractor but the pain kept coming back. After only 3 months at No Excuse, the back pain was completely gone, and now after 10 months I am still pain free! My endurance is incredible; I am able to get up at 6:00AM without dragging anymore. I look forward to every class and boxing is so much fun. I looooove it!!!!!!

    Now I am always getting compliments on my arm and leg muscles. People are always astonished at the results I get from working out for just one hour, 3 times a week. I lost 10 pounds, but it looks and feels like a lot more. I went from a size 7-8 pant to a size 3-4 (sometimes a size 2). But most importantly, I am a much happier person and I feel great! The conditioning that I received at No Excuse has increased my ability to make it through those long days without burning out. I could not imagine my life without the new and healthier lifestyle I am now leading thanks to No Excuse Fitness and Training.

    Rosemary Hale

  • While thinking of taking my after shot for this testimonial, I thought that I would head to the tanning salon to get some colour which would help to accentuate the new muscles I have worked so hard to achieve...with the help of Ryan's expertise. But then I stopped myself. This endeavour which I have undertaken began in an effort to change my body shape, but it has become much more than this. Sure it feels good to look better, but what you cannot see in a picture is what all of this exercising and nutritional food has done for the health of my body on the inside as well as my emotional well being. This is so much more important than the physical rewards.

    I started on this journey in order to enhance my physique...which it has done. In the beginning, I certainly had no plans to continue using Ryan's nutritional meal plans after I had reached my goals. I could not wait for my goal to be achieved so that I could have something "bad" to eat. To my amazement, a couple of weeks passed and I felt great...no more cravings nor late night snacking. My body is being fuelled with healthy nutritious food which is not only good for my muscles...it is good for my mind and body. No more do I suffer from digestive problems which had affected me most of my life. I now have a "Happy Tummy"! What I initially thought was a temporary meal plan combined with exercise has turned into a lifelong commitment to keeping my body in tip top shape inside and out.

    So more importantly than looking amazing, which you would have seen if I had sent in photos, is the fact that this experience has changed my life and will continue to change it in a positive way. I owe it all to Ryan who is filled with the knowledge and know how when it comes to building and amazing, healthy body.

    Karen Marie Premack

  • The main reason I joined No Excuse Fitness and Training was to learn how to Box. Having played soccer nearly my entire life, I was looking to try something different. Looking back after 6 months, from a physical/health standpoint it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. When I joined I weighed 168lbs. I was not overweight by any means and quite honestly I didn't think that I had any weight to lose. I had always trained at a high level when it came to soccer.

    To say that I have trained extensively for my sport would be an understatement. To still be able to compete and lose 18lbs in 5 months was quite a shock to me. Needless to say, it was a pleasant secondary benefit. But it was nice to see that the work that I was putting in was paying dividends. Like anyone else, I would have hated to see my time and money being wasted if I didn't derive a direct benefit from it. Some of the benefits I've noticed since working out at No Excuse include: more energy, more stamina, sharper mind (especially at work and in studying), improved speed in soccer, and lost weight and body fat.

    Ultimately the main reason of me joining No Excuses in learning how to box was now being replaced with the fact that I just truly enjoyed the training that Ryan had put together, mainly because the results prove it. The training he and his staff provide is intense, quick, impactful but most importantly never repetitive and always fun. Equally important is the camaraderie of the other members at No Excuse. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or advanced in your stage everyone is always friendly, willing to help out and very down to earth. From Day 1 I felt very welcome and comfortable at No Excuse Fitness and Training.

    Chris Markou

  • On New Years Eve of 2009-2010, I announced to everyone in the room that I would be doing a fitness competition before 2011.

    Ryan has been a good friend of mine for a few years now, and also helped my boyfriend lose A LOT of weight. When I began training with Ryan I was approximately 127 pounds and 21% body fat. I trained 6 days a week for 14 weeks straight, followed the diet to a science (I never cheated!) and got down to around 10% body fat and 105 pounds for my competition day. I did three fitness events back-to-back this year. It was intense, but Ryan pushed me through it every day, he believed in me when I didn't, and he constantly coached me and kept me focused throughout every session.

    My Competition Results:
    UFE Halloween Mayhem October 23rd 2010
    • 2nd place Bikini Model (out of 27)
    • 10th place Fitness Model (out of 30)
    UFE Nationals November 13th 2010
    • 7th place Elite Bikini Model (out of over 30 women)
    • 9th place Elite Fitness Model (out of over 30 women)
    OPA London November 27th 2010
    • 3rd place Bikini Model (out of 15 women)

    My life has changed for the better since No Excuse. Now, post competition, I still follow many of the guidelines about diet and training that Ryan taught me- I'm currently sitting at 115 pounds healthier and stronger than ever. I look forward to re-setting my goals for 2011 and taking my fitness level to new heights. I will continue to be part of the family at No Excuse, and will highly recommend training with Ryan Rannelli to anyone looking to reach their fitness goals. Thank you Ryan, for my amazing experiences training at No Excuse, and for being an extremely important part of my life.

    Jenna McNamara

  • No Excuse has been an amazing life changing experience for me! I have been training with Ryan for 2-3x/week since January 2010 and noticed realistic results. I have noticed increased muscle tone, and I feel tighter and my energy levels have improved. I had some back discomfort-no more, since I have improved my core, my back no longer hurts. I love the workouts that Ryan gives..they can be as hard as I want and Ryan is a great motivator, he pushes me to my max....I love the personal attention that he gives to each person in the group sessions!

    Janet Moriyama, Treatment Co-ordinator/Office Manager for Periodontal Surgery


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