May 23, 2015

Physiotherapy at No Excuse Fitness & Training!

Announcement! – No Excuse Training & Fitness now has Physiotherapy Services!

Have you been to our location on 1400 Plains Road East recently?

We have made a number of changes to our facility and staff that I think our members will enjoy!

One of the biggest improvements we have made thus far is renovating the back of the gym to include 4 treatment rooms for Chiropractic and Physiotherapy!

Starting Tuesday May 26th, we will be accepting Physiotherapy appointments.

Whether you are injured, want to improve strength, or increase overall health, physiotherapy can help you achieve your goals!

Email us today at and learn if physiotherapy is for you!

Physiotherapy and Back Pain:

80% of people in North America will experience lower back pain at some point in their life. Some may only have it for a day and have it go away and for most the pain will slowly build over-time and get worse every day. In recent statistics, family doctors said the most common complaint from patients is of lower back pain. While some doctors may just give out pain medication and for some cases recommend surgery, some people do not realize that there may be a drug-free and surgery-free way of treating the problem though Physiotherapy. In fact the myth 20 years ago was that you should rest if you have any pain in your back which is untrue. Today more people are aware of the benefits of Physiotherapy than they were 20 years ago but many are still uninformed or are misguided in their beliefs of what Physiotherapy is about.

Lower back pain occurs in the lumbar region of the spine. The main purpose of the lumbar region is to support the weight of the upper portion of the body. Since there is a great weight it must support it is easy to injure any of the ligaments, tendons, muscles or discs especially if your are moving incorrectly. When you are bending back or forwards too far and too frequently you can damage the discs that lie in between each spinal bone called intervertebral discs. Repetitive movements like bending over to lift boxes can put a strain on the back of these discs and with continued strain they tear or shift so that they are pinching a nerve which will cause tremendous amounts of pain. This is the most common type of injury in terms of lower back pain and can be cured through Physiotherapy.

The main purpose of Physiotherapy is to enhance, restore, and maximize strength, function, and movement through physical exercise, massages and other methods. In context to lower back pain, Physiotherapy can help your pain through either or both passive and active physical therapy. Passive therapy includes things that are done to the patient like the application of heat or cold to the lower back. The heat is to relax the muscles and tissue before stretching and exercising while the cold is to soothe the tissues and muscles after the workout. Now active therapy is doing exercises like knee rolls which help strengthen the muscles in your back and reduce soreness, tension, and pain. In addition electric shock therapy can be performed as well to reduce and minimize pain. Electric shock therapy is where small amounts of electric impulses are sent through the tissue to the lower back area where they interfere with the nerve impulses sending pain signals and spreads it to other parts of the body. Therefore, Physiotherapy can help reduce pain and discomfort while solving your condition in a drug-free method.

Book a physiotherapy appointment at No Excuse Fitness and Training today!

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