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Founder of No Excuse Fitness and Training

Ryan opened No Excuse Fitness and Training in 2009, by which time he was Hamilton’s 2X Canadian Boxing Champion. Ryan, having boxed competitively around the world, is dedicated to helping people live healthy lives while achieving their highest levels of fitness.

Thousands of people in the Hamilton area have been motivated to strive for their health and fitness goals by Ryan’s approach – confidence-building is a part of well-being. Drive and disciplined focus are the foundation of his successful training style. Reaching as many people as he can, so they can experience the rewards of training and health, is a reward for Ryan.

Ryan Rannelli is a motivational coach, boxing purist, and a transformation expert.
He is a personal trainer, an NCCP Level 1 coach and a certified and a Box-On Instructor.


Ben Devine is a personal trainer and Wing Chun Kung Fu, and self-defence instructor.

Ben has studied martial arts for nearly 15 years, and this intense interest has taken him to China three times, for educational trips to improve his understanding of the craft, and also to learn the traditional teaching skills of Kung Fu.

“Patience and practice is what matters. Any one regardless of age or size can learn kung fu in order to gain strength, skill, precision, confidence and fitness.”


Harrison has been boxing for 9 years. He’s had 25 amateur fights with a record of 21-4.

In 2007, he turned professional, and had 7 professional fights at lightweight.

He also is in his final year of undergrad in Engineering Physics at McMaster University.


Mykle has been in the fitness industry since 2000, working as a Personal Trainer through corporate fitness clubs and physiotherapy facilities. He specializes in working one-on-one with people to help them understand how to exercise correctly for their body-type and overcome their internal obstacles to achieving a healthier lifestyle. His background training is vast and varied, having become a Certified Personal Trainer in 2002.

Mykle has worked as an assistant conditioning coach for the Hamilton Thunder soccer club, the Hamilton Thunderbirds JR baseball team, and has a history in the martial arts. He also studies eastern psychology extensively, working with meditation, chakra energy balancing, and yoga practices. His formal training has been predominantly through the CHEK institute, which is a high performance holistic education company lead by one of his mentors, Paul Chek.

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