Hamilton Group Personal Training

Group Personal Training in Hamilton

Group Personal Training Includes:

  • Nutrition plan
  • We Form the groups for you!
  • Monthly Progress Assessments
  • Access to Open Gym and All Group Session
  • Towel Service

Is this program right for you?

  • If you like doing your own thing but feel that you would benefit from a little direction/accountability
  • If you like to participate in some group workouts
  • You are determined to meet your goals

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Group Workouts


Expect to burn some 1000 calories during just one of these sessions.

We combine shadow boxing with weights, body weight movements, combination punching on the heavy bag—and other boxing techniques, like evasion and advancement—and this, to take you through an intense fat-burning workout.

There is more to this than fat-burning. You will increase your speed, agility, power and confidence with this style of workout. This is like no other workout that you’ve ever done before, we promise. And you don’t need any previous boxing experience to join—we take you all the way.

This session is designed for everybody: from sedentary people to professional athletes. Your trainer will modify the exercise intensity to match your needs.


Many of our clients enjoy focusing on the mechanics of boxing as a great way of getting an intense and productive workout. We have a staff of professional and titled amateur boxers, with decades of combined experience in the ring and an expansive knowledge of the sport, to help you learn while you burn.

Punches, footwork, evasive techniques, combinations and ring geography—it’s a great and rewarding focus during your workout. From the fundamentals to competitive training, we look forward to getting into the ring with you and assisting in your improvement.


The Haymaker

A haymaker is a wild swinging punch thrown with all of the person’s weight behind it in an attempt to knock out the other person. The term first appeared in 1912, perhaps from the 1880 “hit the hay” or “go to sleep”. Just when you thought that training could not get any tougher, we get you to swing kettles for 8 rounds of 2-3 minutes. Combining boxing rounds with kettle bells dramatically increases the difficulty level of traditional kettle training. You’ll experience a variety of different kettle exercises and finish with an abdominal circuit!

How is this different than other cardio workouts?

• Kettle training works the shoulders, lower back and hip flexors as well as heart rate.
• Keep burning calories for up to 24hrs after you finish your workout


The best way to make sure your results never plateau is to add variety to your program.
That’s exactly what we do with the challenge of the day. It’s a new workout with weights everyday.
This workout is ideal for burning fat but we can modify the workout to meet any goal.

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